Mobile UI/UX Design

Design and prototype an app, that falls under one of the following categories:
  • a to-do list 
  • a calendar
  • a note taker

Students take a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design centered around a visual communications perspective, rather on one focused solely on development.

Students select a distinct target demographic and complete a competitive analysis. Preliminary user research begins with observations, ethnographic interview, non-directed and directed interviews, surveys, and questionnaires. Students progressed through user personas, empathy maps, and user scenarios, before completing lo- and hi-fidelity prototyped wireframes.

Course...GD303: Applied Experience Design

Greenplate: A Meal Planning App

Student...Eleanor Wing
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Student...Ben Pietrusinski
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Student...Taylor Mazzarella
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Student...Cassie Luzenski
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Ryan Russell

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