My annoying, irritating, always-in-the-way shadow

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Gracie has a big problem. She cannot escape her annoying, irritating always-in-the-way shadow. Her shadow follows her everywhere – hiking through the woods, fishing in the bay, even to the zoo. There is simply no escape. Nothing Gracie tries seems to work. Not running away, hiding in the treehouse, or even wearing a disguise. Finally, Gracie has a grand idea that finally solves her pesky problem. Just turn out the lights.

But where Gracie’s story ends another begins when the reader turns the book upside down. Readers get to read a second story when the book is turned upside down and hear the same experience told from her shadow's point of view. Gracie’s pesky shadow doesn’t mean to be a pest. She has a very important job – fending off monsters, keeping the creepies away, and making sure the zoo animals don’t follow them home. She doesn’t mean to be a pest. She simply wants to help.

Role....Author, Illustrator
Field...Book Design
Ryan Russell

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