Sarajevo100 Exhibition

ULUPUBIH (The Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Bosnia & Herzegovina), ALU Sarajevo (The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo) and The Ministry of Culture and Sport of Sarajevo Canton.

200 international designers were invited to participate in the Invitational Art Project, “Sarajevo 100“. Invited designers responded to the call of the organizers with their personal creative opinion on the special theme - Sarajevo100 (1914-2014).

This exhibition takes place in the context of three very important anniversaries for the history of the city of Sarajevo: 1) the completion of one hundred years since the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria (which was the reason for the outbreak of World War I), 2) the 30th anniversary of the 14th Winter Olympics and 3) in memory of the 1992-95 war and the siege of Sarajevo.

The visual solution aims to exemplify bright future of the city of Sarajevo in the context of it’s difficult past.

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Role....Designer & Art Director
Field...Campaign and Poster Design
Ryan Russell

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