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Like many other designers, I’m a former recovering art student that stumbled into design as a profession (with the help of some incredible mentors). Over the years I've been lucky to leverage my expertise in design as an entrepreneur, educator, designer, and author.

As an entrepreneur, I have applied the creative process – scaling concepts, content, and strategy that are rooted in empathy and research – to self-initiated projects as well. I co-founded Twenty Over Ten, a digital marketing platform for financial advisors, in 2016. Serving as the Head of Business and Strategy for almost 5 years, the platform grew rapidly to become third in market share in 2020 under my leadership. Our company grew rapidly to over 40 employees, and several thousand customers. Twenty Over Ten was acquired by FMG Suite in November 2020.

The focus of my independent studio work has been largely in brand and identity design – working closely with companies, organizations, and collaborators – across mediums to establish experiences that are unique, engaging, and honest. (view my studio work ↗)

My studio work has been reproduced in some of the world’s most celebrated design publications such as Print’s Regional Design Annual, Communication Arts, Step Inside Design Magazine, Graphis New Talent, UCDA Designer Magazine, and various Graphis Annuals.

Some of that work has appeared in the most selective international exhibitions, including the Ecuador Biennial, Warsaw Poster Biennial, Biennial of the Poster in Bolivia, CO2 International Poster Exhibition, United Designers International Biennial Design Exhibition, Hong Kong International Poster Triennial, and the Trnava Poster Triennial, as as well as being included in numerous collections including the SIPF Works Collection, Shenzhen, China; Jan Kaniorek Gallery, Trnava; Grupo Catalografica, La Paz; Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie, Warsaw; Dansk Plakatmuseum, Aarhus; and the University and College Designers Association.

In addition, I have taught at Penn State University as an associate professor in graphic design since 2006. I teach a variety of design studio classes covering a broad range of conceptual and technical skills. Each of my studio classes, while each has its own set of goals and objectives, all emphasize three principles: thinking, researching, and creating through project-based learning experiences. (view my student work ↗)

As an author, my work has been featured in Novum, The Conversationalist, and the Huffington Post.
Ryan Russell

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